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We are a small coffee and food shop in the heart of downtown Pullman, Washington - aiming to provide our community and local travelers with simple, satisfying, house-made items.


Favorites —


Baked Oatmeal

The good any-time-of-the-day oatmeal. Served with brown sugar and cream on the side so you can mix it up just how you like it!


Handmade Croissants

Selection varies daily - ready to satisfy the stomachs of those looking for either a savory or sweet treat!




House Granola

Our favorite granola served up with either your option of milk, or greek yogurt + Woodland Apiaries honey.



House Syrups

All of our coffee syrups are crafted in house using real sugar and fun, fresh ingredients!




125 SE Spring Street, Suite 102
Pullman, WA 99163



Mon – Fri, 7a – 7p

Sat, 7a - 6p

Sun 8a - 6p